Company Philosphy

What we see as our Top Priority

Honesty and Fairness to both our clients and operatives, ensuring a good service is delivered at all times.

What we are here to accomplish

To secure orders with clients with the confidence of providing good quality labour to site, allowing our clients to meet their targets and finish their jobs on schedule.

Why Tradeslink is important

To provide a dependable service to the Construction Industry, helping our clients achieve their targets and deadlines. It is our policy to keep our clients informed at all times, allowing our client the time to look elsewhere should we be not be able to help fill a specific vacancy.

What makes us great

We are a group committed to teamwork, happy to work unselfishly with one mutual goal – extremely conscientious, thorough and honest.

What makes us unique

As a company, Tradeslink holds a combined knowledge of over 150 years of construction experience. Tradeslink is small enough to care but large enough to deliver the service required. We have a personal approach where both our workforce and clients are considered real people – not just numbers.

Our greatest contribution to the recruitment industry

Providing a team committed to deliver a trustworthy service to both client and operatives – believing our men to be our greatest asset.

What our customers really want from us

Quality labour with the experience to meet the tasks required - at competitive prices.

If our customers wrote our mission statement - it would read:

Tradeslink is dependable, honest and competitive, providing a good service in all avenues, from labour supplied on site, to thorough administration delivering accurate invoicing.